Blood, sweat, tears .... and fun !


         On Wednesday, November 16th we ate in the school canteen  and after that we cycled to Miribel-Jonage. We went through woods, we followed tracks and paths. It was cool but hard, long and tiring. At times it was a bit slippy because of the mud. It took us 3 hours to cycle 25 km.

    Ilona :     "I never thought I could  do it ! "

    Mehdi :  " I wish my friends Jessim, Lucas and Axel - uh uh, you do look really well Axel today ! Are you sure you were sick yesterday ? - who were absent had been with us because  it would have been even more fun ." 


         We had a punched tyre (Arthur’s bike). Some fell (Jules, Eva and Mrs Iacovella, the English teacher), some went on another track with Mr Guillot, the P.E. teacher, some  were exhausted, some  were thirsty because they forgot to take bottles, some were hungry, some needed encouraging and all were dirty  but  we kept going  and ...  WE DID IT  !!!   When there’s a will there’s a way !  

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     We didn't have to cycle back as Mr Guillot had arranged for a bus to take us back to school !


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